Below are the Mac-Fab team’s most frequently asked questions. Questions about proper mounting may be answered by our page devoted to mounting instructions. If you don’t see an answer to your question, make sure to get in touch with us. It’s important to have the right information before sending your wheels in or placing an order.

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  • Q. Can wheels be widened or narrowed?

    The maximum a wheel can be widened is 1/2 inch per inside or outside of the wheel as long as it has not already been locked. The maximum a wheel can be narrowed this also depends on the wheel mfg and dimensions but we typically see 3/8 inches can be removed on the outside of the wheel and up to 1-1 1/2 inch on the outside of the wheel depending on the wheel manufacturers. Please call before you order if custom back spacing is needed.

  • Q. Can I drop-ship wheels to Mac-Fab?

    Yes, but please call ahead with your order information, and make sure your name and contact information are somewhere on the box. We normally ask our customers to send the wheels directly to us with attention to their name.

  • Q. What’s the turnaround time?

    The turnaround time is currently two to three business days. You should receive your wheels back a week and a half from sending them in.

  • Q. Can I drop my wheels off and wait?

    Yes, but please call ahead to make an appointment.

  • Q. How do I assess caliper clearance?

    Measure from the center of the axle to the outer-most edge of the brake caliper. If this measurement is six and three-quarter inches or less, you will be okay to do a double beadlock.

  • Q. What do I need to know about backspacing?

    For Champion and Billet Specialty Street Lite wheels, you can have seven and a half inches of backspacing or less. For MT Pro 5, Sanders, Billet Specialty Comp 5, or any Weld drag wheels, you can have a six-inch or less backspacing. For Holeshot, Weld Street/Strip (Pro Stars), or Centerline wheels, the backspacing must be four inches or less. If you don’t see your manufacturer on here CALL BEFORE YOU ORDER.

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Based in Goldston, NC, Mac-Fab Performance Beadlocks is your specialist for converting your standard drag racing wheels into customized single or double beadlocks. Our beadlock conversion services make it easy to get the performance you’re after, the safety you need, and the exact backspacing you require! Please Note: All pricing shown is per pair.