***Leadtime is 2-3 days

***All pricing is per pair but does not include return shipping

***24 Bolt Pro Series required for 1000+ hp drag radial cars over 2500 lbs or if running a hoosier slick


StylesPricing is Per Pair Singles Pricing is Per Pair DoublesDouble with Slick Rick inner
15” Slick Rick Pol$700 $1000add $50 for Singles and $100 for doublesOrder Now
15” Slick Rick Black $750 $1050add $50 for Singles and $100 for doublesOrder Now
15″ Fast Eddie Pol$750$1200$1100add $50 for Singles and $100 for doublesOrder Now
15″ Fast Eddie Black$800$1250$1150add $50 for Singles and $100 for doublesOrder Now
16″ Fast Eddie Pol $1100$1400Order Now
16″ Fast Eddie Black$1200$1500Order Now
17″ Fast Eddie Pol$1300Order Now
17″ Fast Eddie Blk$1500Order Now
18″ Fast Eddie Pol$1500Order Now
18″ Fast Eddie Blk$1700Order Now
19″ Fast Eddie Po$1700Order Now
19″ Fast Eddie Blk$1900Order Now
20″ Fast Eddie Pol$1900Order Now
20″ Fast Eddie Blk$2100Order Now
22″ Fast Eddie Pol$2100Order Now
22″ Fast Eddie Blk$2300Order Now
24″ Fast Eddie Pol$2800Order Now
24″ Fast Eddie Blk$3200Order Now
26″ Fast Eddie Pol$3400Order Now
26″ Fast Eddie Blk$3700Order Now
Colors$ per pair
Polishing 15″$150 per set
Polishing 16″$150 per set
15″ Hoosier Shims$100 per set
16″ Hoosier Shims$100 per set
15″ Wheel Chroming$450 per wheel
15″ Chrome Rings$150 per ring
16″ Wheel Chroming$600 per wheel
16″ Chrome Rings$200 per ring
Wheel shell Anodizing$150 per wheel